DAY 338 & 339: Run to lose some

In an attempt to lose some weight, I have started to run again. My workouts nowadays consists mostly of running and some light lifting. While definitely slower, I found that my cardiovascular system was still able to catch up. I didn’t get winded easily and get out of breath. This is probably due to the fact that heavy lifting requires some cardiovascular endurance too.


Went for a 5km run. Not too bad. Just that I got a bit tired at the end and began to slow down.

#run while dark clouds are looming

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Sick at home. Severe itching due to eczema and I had to take a break from work. Started on a new diet plan, one that omits lactose. Seems to be working. I don’t itch that often. I decided to go for a run now that the itch is not coming back. I fear that it may come back at night and I can’t workout at all.

Did 5X10 pull ups and 4X10 parallel bar dips before heading for a short 2.4km run.

Run to destress

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