DAY 354: building a routine again

Had Muay Thai yesterday so my back muscles are aching like mad. I always found it weird that my back muscles ache after each muay thai training. As it turns out, it was a result from pulling back the punches fast. Can’t say it’s a bad thing. This shows that I have good form for my boxing.

I had plans to go to the gym but as my muscles are very sore, I ditched the idea.  Furthermore, I couldn’t sleep at night and had very little sleep. Still, I left like I need to start to workout as I was getting really lazy. So, I a some simple body weight workout. Nothing too fancy, just 100 push ups and 50 pull ups.

These were the two exercises which I started when I was trying to build muscles. How I got started was quite interesting. I was serving as a medic back then and we had duty in the medical centre. By duty buddy was a body builder so I asked him how can I get big, and get ripped. He introduced doing push ups and pull ups to me. He explained that these two exercises can make my chest and shoulder look larger and make me look wider. As such, I would like better when wearing clothes.

He taught me various push up techniques and supervised me and trained me that day. I did lots of push up and my arm went into total failure. Since then, I kept up with the routine and did 100 push ups and 50 pull ups everyday for the 1 year and have seen great results. Time to do it again.

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