DAY 360: Home workout resumes!

Have been procrastinating for a  long time and I finally got back to my bi-weekly home workout. There has been a time where I was doing this consistently but my schedule got busy and I stopped. Now however, I have a much better timetable for school and that leaves me with more free time. There’s just one obstacle I need to overcome, LAZINESS. Gonna take some effort to maintain this regime again.

Reps Sets Exercise Weight
1 8 5 Barbell shoulder press 25kg
2 10 5 Bent over row 25kg
3 10 5 Pull ups
4 10 5 Side lateral raise 6kg
5 10 5  Push ups

I went lighter on the weight as I found that I have lost quite some strength. I could lift the weights I could manage the previous time. Nonetheless, I could do my exercises in better form and that’s a plus. I went really slow on the bent over rows and had a good burn on my lats. I was struggling to do my last set of pull ups. That tells me that I have fatigued the lats enough!

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