DAY 364 & 365: Saturday lift & Sunday run

Day 364

Have been waiting to blog but kept for getting. Trying really hard to get back to my regime. Gotta balance work, time with loved one and exercise and sometimes it ain’t easy. Im just thankful that Im a bit more free this term to do things that I want to do.

Fiancee is not back from her trip yet. So I went back home quickly after church so that I have more time to lift. I know that I would give myself excuses if I went back too late. So I got home quickly and got the job done.

Reps Sets Exercise Weight Remarks






Barbell shoulder press 25kg


Bent over row
2 10 5 Side lateral raise 5kg
3 10 5  Push ups
4 10 5  Pull ups

Day 365

I have accumulated one year of workouts! Wooohoo! Learnt a lot of thing in this one year. Gotta write my reflection soon. This space is saved for what I have done. Decided to go for a short run initially but the Runkeeper app showed a popup on a global 5k event. Challenge accepted. Instead of a short run, went for a 5km run.

Unexpectedly joined a global race #run #5kglobalrun

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