About me: The beginning of Transformation

474057_10150944582168261_2121901467_oThis is me. Well, this WAS me. Just about a year ago. Life in university has taken its toil on my body despite being going for Taekwondo trainings every week. Too many nights spent eating out, snacking etc. In the course of my 4 years in university, I have ballooned to 70kg from 60kg. I have a spare tire around my waist and I have so much fats around my neck I could hardly see my chin!

I have tried losing weight. During my fourth year in university, I signed up for a Muay Thai tournament. Form the numerous training sessions, I managed to cut down my weight to 67kg. Unfortunately, it wasn’t permanent. I ballooned back to 70kg once the tournament was over.

Finally, I decided, this has to CHANGE! I need more than just short term goals. I need a total overhaul in my habits and lifestyle. A TRANSFORMATION. I went on a journey to transform myself physically. This is me now, weighing 64.5kg and I am still losing weight. I feel better about myself than ever before knowing that I have acomplished what I have perceived as IMPOSSIBLE.

1012812_10153830487295001_344504579_nHOWEVER, I did not just see myself changing physically. Through the many workouts and training sessions, running alone, I was able to draw many parallels to SPIRITUAL life. My MIND and SPIRIT was slowing transforming with my body. In this blog, I would like to share with you my journey. I hope it will inspire many of you .too

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/strengthnspirit/

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